Being one of the biggest private jet services in the world, we at Click VIP Jets truly understand your need for some of the best luxury transportation possible. It is too much of a hassle when you are making use of commercial air travel. With Click VIP Jets, you get one of the finest tailor made experiences for travelling in luxury. We have a penchant for supplying only the highest standards of private jets to our clients to cater to their needs.

Here is a look at some of the best big toys that our clients are known to hire including desert buggies, water jetpacks, sports cars and yachts. Of course there are the private jets that we have in our fleet as well but we will get to that later on. Let’s get started, shall we?

Desert Buggies

Usually coming into use for the adrenaline junkies on their business trip to Dubai, one of the best big toys that big boys need are the dune buggies, otherwise known as desert buggies. They provide you with some of the most exciting experiences of traversing the sand dunes in the deserts at speed. Of course, if you are worried about safety, you can rest assured that they come complete with fully covered roll cages so that even if you do tip over, you will be safe. Do not for a second think that in their regard for your safety, the manufacturers have been careful with the speed and the power of these machines. These beasts come with enough horsepower to pack a real punch. It’s one of the best things that you can hire for your needs. It provides a good break from your daily routine and gives you something to really look forward to on your business trip.

Water Jetpacks

Out from the desert and straight into some water you have the water jetpacks. It is one of the essentials for any businessman looking to blow off some much needed steam every now and then. Imagine the ability to fly using a jetpack without the fear of being burned by the jet fumes. It provides you all the fun of flying a jetpack. These machines are built for the truly daring and downright crazy people who really know how to have some fun.

Sports Cars

One of the favourite big boy toys that exists in the world, a sports car is everybody’s dream and your reality. Hiring sports cars is one of the best things that you can do to treat yourself. They allow you to travel at great speeds and do so in style. With all the things that you can do in the world, nothing, we repeat nothing beats the experience of sitting behind the wheel of a powerful road monster that does not only travel so fast that your eyes go into the back of your skull but also makes you look good while you are at it. You can always find a wide assortment of luxury supercars available for your use.


This list of bog boy toys that you can hire simply would not be complete without the addition of yachts. Did you really think we would provide you a list of the big boy toys without including this essential element to it? Yachts have been a symbol of some of the most powerful men in the world who love travelling in style and appreciate their time at the sea. At Click VIP Jets, we believe that nothing provides you a more wholesome experience of luxury travel than a good old yacht. It is elegant, it is classy and it allows you to really show the world your worth.

Private Jets

Okay so maybe there is something that can beat yachts when it comes to luxury travel experiences. Private jets are the most essential element in a man’s array of travelling needs. For those who know the importance of travelling in style, they know it does not get any better than through hiring some of the best private jets in the world. No experience beats travelling in a chartered jet that is yours and yours alone.

At Click VIP Jets, you will find some of the best chartered jets in the world operating in our fleet. Our private jets that you can hire include the Citation Jet 2, the Cessna Citation M2 and the Learjet 45XR so that you can choose whichever one you prefer based on your need. All your problems with commercial air travel are going to be solved because we have the solution for you. Visit our website for more information about hiring some of the best private jet luxury travelling experiences in the world.