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We seek to provide seamless travel services to our clients. Whether you wish to travel for business or leisure, we appreciate the value of your time and stay focused on maximizing your satisfaction with our private jet charter.

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Our private jet charter management places the world at your fingertips. We are available online 24/7 to manage your private charters and ensure that every detail of your travel is properly handled. Our attention of detail guarantees you a luxurious and seamless travel experience.


Charter a private jet from Click VIP Jets to enjoy the privacy, comfort, safety and style that cannot be matched. Choose a private jet from our extensive fleet, pick your location and come aboard to enjoy a lavishly efficient flight experience.


Booking a private jet charter gives you the freedom to enjoy the most luxurious travel experience this world has to offer. Once you have acquired the private jet for travel, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your trip as the jet sails through the blue sky.

Ready, Jet, Go! With a private jet, you can reach your destination safely and quickly with no delays as encountered in commercial flights. You don’t have to deal with hustle and bustle of airports and waste time going through security checks.

Our years of expertise in organizing private charters for business and luxury travel makes us an ideal service provider for all those who wish to journey through the sky in style.

Our team is live 24 hours a day, 365 days a week and we don’t take any breaks. We are always ready to fulfill your wish for a high speed, luxury travel.

With our private jet charter, business professionals can attend important meetings without worrying about delays that can potentially lead to a loss of a business deal. People who wish to travel to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones can book the private charter to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful flight in the company of the people they love. No one can disturb their privacy as they enjoy a luxurious travel.


Who Are We?

Click VIP Jets is one of the finest private jet charter service providers. We have established an excellent reputation through our private jet services that are tailored to specific needs of clients who desire a luxurious travel. We only supply the highest standards of private jets, including the Citation Jet 2, Cessna Citation M2 and Learjet 45XR. We are here to help you leave behind the problems of commercial air travel. Step onto a luxurious private jet and say sayonara to all the problems of commercial flights.

our fleet

Citation Jet 2

Based on the CJ1 but featuring a stretched cabin, this aircraft is a slightly larger executive jet with 6 individual seats. Featuring improved avionics, it has become the leading aircraft choice for many business directors and city executives.

Cessna Citation M2

No other lightweight jet is as generous with its cabin size allowing passengers to stretch their legs and relax. On top of this the advanced soundproofing it employs provides passengers with a quiet environment in which to work.

Learjet 45XR

A newer version of the Lear jet 45 with improved avionics. Featuring 8 individual seats (Double Club 4) in the main cabin with an enclosed toilet at the rear of the aircraft.

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The first private jet charter is 30 percent off regardless of where you wish to travel. Don’t miss out on this exclusive one-time option. Contact us today to get a quote for your private jet charter. You are only a call away from the most luxurious air travel experience ever.