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We have three diverse private jets maintained to the highest standards at our stations. All our private jets guarantee luxurious, safe and comfortable travel anywhere in the world. Check out the details of our private jets and choose the one that matches your style and meets your travelling needs.

Citation Jet 2

The Citation Jet 2 offers magnificent style and great comfort whilst remaining economical and practical. The design of this popular aircraft is similar to the Citation Jet 1, but it comes with a stretched cabin. Citation Jet 2 takes the lead over CJ1 in speed too as the cruise speed of the Citation Jet 2 is thirty knots more than CJ1.  This aircraft has six individual passenger seats which makes it a popular choice for both business and luxury travel. Many business directives and city executives prefer to travel in Citation Jet 2 because it gets them to their location quickly and safely.

Cessna Citation M2

The Cessna Citation M2 is the perfect combination of efficiency and beauty. This jet features a redesigned interior with updated touch controlled avionics and great in-cabin technologies. The Cessna Citation M2 can cruise at a speed of 400 knots thanks to its two incredibly powerful Williams F44 engines. Like the Citation Jet 2, the M2 can also carry six passengers. The seats of the Cessna Citation M2 can slide sideways which creates a better travelling experience and allows the passengers to just sit back and relax. On top of this, the Citation M2 employs advanced soundproofing to provide a quiet environment to passengers.


The cabin of the Learjet 45XR holds eight seats and there is plenty of room to track and recline. The noise level inside the cabin doesn’t exceed 72 dB and a temperature control system keeps both the cockpit and cabin of the plane comfortable. The Learjet 45XR is capable of flying 2,301 miles and the two AlliedSignal TFE731-20BR turbofan engines allow it to cruise at a speed of 437 knots. Learjet 45XR is the fastest jet we have at our disposal. If you are in a real hurry, you should get on a Learjet 45XR to quickly reach your destination.

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Luxurious travel is obviously incomplete without Wi-Fi. All of our Citation Jet 2, Cessna Citation M2 and Learjet 45XR private aircrafts are equipped with Wi-Fi, so when you fly with us, you stay connected all the time and can share your experience with your friends and family members.


Travel in spacious private jet cabins that provide the same privacy, amenities and security of an office. You can conduct business while travelling to ensure that not a single second of your valuable time is wasted.


Our aircrafts are safe and reliable. Qualified engineers test the aircraft after every flight to ensure delivery of highest level of security and safety to our passengers.


You’ll receive the same quality service no matter which private jet you choose from Click VIP Jets.


Click VIP Jets have access to many airports around the world, which means that with a private jet hire from us, you will reach your destination directly with no stopover or connections.


Create your own schedule of the flight, choose your own aircraft and decide the time of your departure. The private jet charter flight from Click VIP Jets offers complete flexibility.